okay guys I get it

DW5 is supposedly the Jesus of all the DW games. I don’t see why it’s the BEST GAME EVAR

I’m over it. The only pluses about it right now were that Cao Ren didn’t look like a bulky transformer, nobody shared the same weapon, and Lianshi wasn’t in it.

DW5 remains my favorite. Internal monologues and unique in-battle cut scenes made it fun to play through all the musou modes, some of which showed characterization beyond basic screen presence and tag lines. XL brought the enjoyable Destiny Mode and the series’ pinnacle of weapon customization. The button mashing action was upgraded from the previous games thanks to fast filling, powerful musou and the removal of auto-lock. DW5 also maintained a heavy Chinese influence in its character designs and music.

That said, DW6 offered the best battlefield immersion, with sieges, integrated bases, varied and coordinated troop units, and some semblance of RTS under the hood. Individual musou modes have their limits for one-note characters. Kingdom stories with unlockable side stages and meaningful character-specific content for everybody + detailed, eclectically populated battlefields + schwag unlocked through challenges + classic era KOEI wuxia aesthetic rebooted = BEST DW EVAR.

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